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What are some of the best taps brands in India?

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Long gone are the days where taps had a simple design that served the purpose in every house. With time, the taps or faucet design has undergone drastic changes and today we have water-efficient taps that come with sensor technology to curb the water crises that we face around the world. Today in India, we are spoilt by choices on the taps brands that we have in the market, where both old, as well as new players, co-exist in a competitive market.

Taps are of various types like we have kitchen taps, shower taps, utility taps, wall taps, sink taps, countertop taps, laundry taps, toilet /bathroom taps. Each tap type has unique functionality based on their model like a kitchen sink tap comes in both wall type and sink type, so the customers today have a lot more options to choose from.

Below is a list of few best taps brand in India.


Jaquar is one of India's leading bathroom fittings company founded in 1960 by NL Mehra. They are a fast-growing company of quality bathroom fittings in the world. They have successfully segmented their products to meet the need and requirements of every type of customer. Their Artize brand caters to the luxury seekers while Essco brands cater to the value segment. In fact, from my experience, Jaquar will surely meet your expectations.


Alton is fairly a new entrant in this space but they have never failed to impress the customers with their unique design and high-quality products, which are on par with the big players. Since its inception in 1998, Alton has always strived to achieve perfection in terms of design, build, and quality and they have a great network of stores and outlets at major cities in India.


Amazon launched it's very own private label Amazonbasics way back in 2009 which covers everything from kitchen accessories/gadgets to electronics to household products, you name it they got it. Their primary goal is to provide the customer quality products at affordable prices. They have tastefully curated an array of well crafted and build -quality faucets that have impressed their customers. Some of the designs are very unique in the range of both kitchens as well as bathroom faucets.


Aquieen is brand by the Tirupati Group Corporation since 2010. Though the brand is relatively new in the market, it has strived to make its mark by providing quality and sustainable models in the array of products that they offer.

The above list of best taps brand in India covers all types of taps from basic to functional to decorative models which are available on Amazon India.

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