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Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Long gone are the days, when listening to the music on Vinyl Records was considered a luxury among upper-class India. With the entry of cassette player, Vinyl Records took a backseat, and thereafter emerging new technologies like CD, DVD, and Mp3 player almost wiped them out. Yet still, there are many of us out there who still cherish listening to the evergreen classics on the Vinyl Records, and want to hear even something better, you can get a huge collection of any language or genre both international as well as regional artists Vinyl Records Online in India in the comfort of your home only on Amazon India.

Ultimate Sinatra

Ultimate Sinatra's 2LP version brims with 24 stellar recordings in a 4 disk representing a cross-section of Sinatra's unparalleled recording career all at an unbeatable price of Rs. 3,995 on Amazon.

Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen

Undoubtedly the best rock group in the history who revolutionized the rock scene with their best selling album Bohemian Rhapsody. This album includes their famous Live Aid concert recordings along with the other hit songs.Available on Amazon @ Rs.3,595.

Record: Piya Basanti

If you love hearing to Indian classic this is something not to be missed by any audio enthusiasts. It has 1 disk with 8 tracks beautifully and melodiously sung by K S Chitra & Ustad Sultan Khan all @ Rs.1799 available on Amazon India.

If you fancy hearing these wonderful Vinyl records Online India on a Vinyl player there are some great products online where you can get them at best prices.

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