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Utensil Drainer Basket India

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

A really good Utensil Drainer Basket is one that has a big capacity to hold all your pots & pans without any hassles. It is a must-have in any Indian kitchen. Our cuisine demands the usage of more utensils than western cuisine. Well! I am not exaggerating. Take for an example:-we need a separate set of utensils for tea preparation(saucepan for boiling milk, strainer and another pot or pan for boiling the tea leaves) and a unique apparatus type utensil for making our all favorite filter coffee. So, you get the idea, right - that's just for making 2 types of beverages. The list continues for the rest of the meals !!! (breakfast, lunch & dinner). You can find more on the various types of Traditional Indian Utensils in India.

So without further ado sticking to our topic, we have curated a list of Utensil Drainer Basket available in India online.

Digital Shoppy IKEA Dish Drainer

This is a kitchen utensil drainer by the famous Swedish furniture maker"IKEA" that is made of original stain steel and can withstand the corrosive hard water, which is common in most of our Indian cities. The product dimension is:-

Length: 50 cm (19 5/8 ")

Width: 27 cm (10 5/8 ")

Height: 36 cm (14 1/8 ")

Weight:2.16 kg (4 lb 12 oz)

It can hold large plates with a diameter of up to 32 cm.

Available on Amazon @ Rs.2499.

Ikea Plastic Dish Drainer

This is yet another product from IKEA, unlike the above product, this one comes with more features like to hold glasses and cutlery. Made of flexible polypropylene plastic, it is possible to hang nine glasses on the side of the drainer and dry 18 plates at the same time and yet still have a room for that extra pan or bowl. The Product dimensions: Length: 46 cm (18 ")

Width: 36 cm (14 ¼ ")

Height: 12 cm (4 ¾ ")

The only downside to this amazing cleverly designed product is that it does not come with a draining tray. But that can be compensated with a purchase of a draining mat available by IKEA itself. This is available on Amazon India @ Rs. 620.

Ikea Steel Dish Drainer

This Ikea product is made of galvanized stainless steel that can be hung on the wall or placed on the countertop. It has a removable tray that is made of steel with pigmented powder coating underneath to collect water from the drainer . It is a compact dish drainer with dimensions:

Width: 37.5 cm (14 3/4 ")

Depth: 29 cm (11 3/8 ")

Height: 13.5 cm (5 3/8 ")

Weight:1.46 kg (3 lb 4 oz)

Available on Amazon India @ Rs.1640.

THE AMAZE Kitchen Sink Dish Drainer Drying Rack

This product isn't exactly a basket sort of drainer but rather a utensil drying rack that sits on top of the sink as seen in the picture.Made of durable and long-lasting stainless steel, this is a rustproof & scratch resistant rack. This unique design of the sink rack allows you to save a lot of space and easily organize and dry your kitchen dishes. The anti-slip suction cup at the bottom gives extra reinforcement stability to the product. All parts can be sequenced and removed as per your preference and all baskets are detachable easily for daily cleaning. One great thing about this product is that the water will drip directly into the sink making the countertop clean and tidy.

The Product Size: 85*32*52 cm (LxWxH) and it weighs almost 5 kg.This product is available on Amazon India @ Rs.6,899.

These are some of the best Online Utensil Drainer Basket in India which we found that is worth your money. So why wait !Grab one Today.