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Traditional Kitchen Utensils Online India

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

India is a land of varied diversities in culture, language , beliefs , religion and of course cuisines.Right from Jammu & Kashmir in the north to Kanyakumari in the south and from Gujarat in the west to the seven sister states in the east, like the languages and dialects , India has a variety of cuisines to offer.And the preparation of these wonderful cuisines opens up an array of traditional utensils ,some just to make that one particular dish while others make numerous.

So tag along to see some of the Traditional Kitchen Utensils Online India.


This is a very popular traditional kitchen utensil which is used across India ,commonly used for making curries or gravy and for deep frying .They are available in different materials like iron,cast iron, non-stick , stainless steel , aluminium and hard anodized aluminium .Some of them are available in both round bottom and flat bottom (ideal for induction cook tops).

Aluminium Kadai | Iron Kadai | Cast -iron Kadai | Non-stick Kadai

Dosa Tawa

Dosa is a traditional South Indian breakfast dish similar to the French crepe. It is made of rice and lentils (urad dal) which is soaked for 6 hours and grind to form a batter which is then fermented before use.Traditionally,the dosa is made on the round iron gridle but nowadays many non stick version of the dosa tawa are available in the market which makes cooking dosa easier as the batter doesn't stick to the tawa. The same tawa can be used for making chapattis & parathas as well.But ideally, it is better to have a separate tawa's for making dosa & chapattis.

Non Stick Dosa Tawa | Cast-iron Dosa tawa | Non-stick tawa | Pure iron chapati tawa

Idli Tray

Idli like dosa is a traditional south Indian breakfast dish made from fermented rice batter. It requires a special mold tray to pour in the batter and steam to cook. One can buy the tray alone and steam it in a big pressure cooker without the weights or any other deep dish pot which can hold the tray and a lid with a steam outlet or buy the whole set of idli maker which comes with a big deep dish and trays.The trays are commonly made of stainless steel but nowadays a non stick version & a microwaveable type of the trays are available in the market for easy cooking.

Idli maker | Tupperware Idli maker | Idli Stand | Prestige Idli maker

Panniyaram Pan

Panniyaram / kuzhi panniyarappam/Paddu/Guliyappa/Yeriyappa or Gunta Ponganalu is a savoury dumpling made from fermented lentil and rice batter ,which is predominately common in the south Indian cuisine. South Indians consume it as both a breakfast dish or as an evening snack.The composition of the batter is something similar to dosa/idli batter, but an added flavour is given to the dish through the use of onion ,ginger,garlic and other masalas for the savoury recipe and jaggery is used for the sweet version of the same dish (Unniyappam) .The pan used for the preparation of this dish is unique, which consists of semi-ball shaped mould where the batter is poured and steamed to cook. The pan is available in both cast-iron and non stick .

12 mould non-stick pan | 6 mould nonstick pan | 6 mould cast iron pan


Appam,Puttu (steam cake),Noolapam/Chakli are native breakfast dishes of the southern state of Kerala.The preparation of these dishes require the use of traditional utensils which are exclusive to each dishes.

Appam Pan | Puttu Maker\Puttu cup | Noolapam\Chakli maker

So why wait to get your own Traditional Kitchen Utensils Online India to make your favourite lip smacking dish today.

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