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Top Geyser Brands in India

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Geysers or water heaters are an essential home appliance in today's world, especially if you live in colder regions. It wasn't always as easy as switching a button on, in fact, earlier people had to heat the water over a stove top if they wanted to have hot baths. The modern geysers have evolved far ahead from its initial prototypes. The modern geysers are available in both electrical as well as solar power. As far as India is concerned, solar power geyser is common in independent houses or villas whereas the electrical geysers which come in different capacity are much favored in multi-storied apartments.

There are currently many brands in Indian markets to choose from. Below is a List of Top Geyser Brands in India which we have carefully listed out:-


Racold is a brand that is synonymous with water heaters in India. Ariston Thermo Group which is based in Italy is a global leader who has more than 85 years of experience in providing innovative thermic comfort solutions for domestic, commercial, and industrial spaces. Most of their products are 5 stars rated and they are the only water heater company to be awarded 7 times in a row by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency for their exceptional commitment towards energy efficiency which helps the consumer to cut down the electricity bills and aids energy conversation. They have an excellent network of dealers and strong after-sales services.


This is a brand that is highly regarded as one of the best stabilizers in the '80s & '90s Indian households where voltage fluctuations were a part of daily life and which in fact threatened the life of the expensive consumer durables like the fridge, tv, etc. Yes, Stabilizers from V-Guard needs no further introduction. Though the company had a modest beginning in 1977 as a small manufacturing unit for voltage stabilizers, they quickly diversified into different consumer goods company which had a total revenue of Rs. 2150 Crore in 2016–17. Their product array consists of -Pumps and Motors, Electric and Solar Water Heaters, Wiring Cables, UPS, and Ceiling Fans.V-Guard Water heaters are still one of the 5-star rated brands in the Indian market. They have different capacities to suit everyone's requirements.

AO Smith

Though AO Smith may seem like a relatively new brand in India, it does not fall under a new brand from an American perspective. In fact, AO Smith Corporation is the largest manufacturer and marketer of water heaters in North America having a worldwide presence in 24 countries including a manufacturing plant set up in Bangalore in 2010. Within a span of 10 years, they have managed their way to be one of the Top Geyser Brands in India.

There are many more brands in the market like Bajaj, Crompton, Hindware, etc. So why wait to get those long hot baths. Get your very own from this list of Top Geyser Brands in India.

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