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Decoupage Paper Napkins Online India

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

The current lockdown situation has definitely brought out the artist in each and every one of us, whether it is baking, cooking, painting, art & craftwork, etc. A very new hobby which has caught our attention is the Decoupage Artwork.

Below is a list of Decoupage Paper Napkins available online in India.

Abee Tissue Paper Decoupage

This Decoupage Paper Napkin is a good quality 3 ply tissue from recycled pulp, printed with nontoxic water based colors and environment friendly biodegradable and compostable. Each set contains 20 tissues of the same design. Folded size: 6.5 x 6.5 Inch, Unfolded Size: 13 x 13 Inch.They are made in Germany.Available @ Rs.499 only on Amazon India.

Bonzerdigs Paper 8 Decoupage Tissues and 2 napkins

This beautiful Floral Decoupage Napkin is 3 ply tissue -1/4 folded .It has 8 Decoupage tissues with 2 sets of each design and they come in Size - 33 x 33 cm.They are available @ Rs.370 + Rs.80 as shipping charges only on Amazon.

Bonzerdigs Decoupage Patterns Napkin Tissue

Do you fancy some Moroccan Designs in your Decoupage artwork? Then look no further, this product comes in 9 designs with 1 tissue each per design . It is a 3 ply tissue - 1/4 folded which is of Size - 33 x 33 cm.It is available @ Rs.400 +Rs.80 shipping charges on Amazon.

Nestroots Printed Tissue Paper, Dining Table Napkin

This Elegant Decoupage Paper Napkin is made of bamboo pulp, these paper napkins are round in shape, unlike most other available options. Each pack comes with 20 disposable napkins in two-ply tissue paper. Because of their unique shape, they can also be opened up and converted into doilies. They are a perfect addition to an elegant lunch or high tea as well.They are of size 6 inches @ Rs.195 only on Amazon.

So Why wait? Can't decide on the Decoupage Paper Napkin Online India.Buy Today & bring out the artist in you .