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Decoupage Art:A Brief History

Updated: May 29, 2020

Decoupage is an art form which originated in France during the 17th century,where

colorful paper cutouts are pasted on to furniture ,boxes and other pieces of

furniture as means of decoration.This art form gained momentum as it spread across

the Europe as a fashionable pastime among the rich upper-class Italian,French and English.Later, the decoupage artwork saw a transition of its applications to fans,

screens and toilet articles.

It was in 1920,that decoupage caught the fancy of a french Art decorator Jean-

Michel Frank who used it on some of his earliest Parsons tables in Paris.It was

then later revived as a popular decoration ( boxes ,trays,lampshades,chests and

screens) during the 1960's in United States.

Today,there are many variations in technique .Basically four steps are involved in

this art form- it generally involves cutting pictures which is either from

rice paper or napkins , arrange them in the order of your preference, glue them

on the surface smoothly without any creases ( it takes practice to get a smooth

wrinkle-free picture)and lastly apply at least 3-4 coats of varnish or lacquer to

the pictures.

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