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Choosing pottery for plants indoors?

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Well, I am no qualified Botanist to write this article on how to choose pottery for plants indoor. Whatever mentioned in this article is purely based on my experience as a home gardener. To start off, my parents are avid garden/farming enthusiasts not as a profession but it is in their blood. So I believe that's in my genes too- dormant, it wasn't until my husband wanted to have a garden in the balcony of our new home 10 years ago, I realized that I do have a green thumb. Please take note it isn't anything extraordinary, we had initially a lot of ornamental plants which had become martyrs in my learning process.

So after a few failed attempts, I slowly started to get hang of things. Had a few stints growing veggies like tomato, lemons(yes! Even I am proud of me), green chilies, coriander all simple easy to grow veggies. My 7-year-old curry leaf plant is my greatest achievement of all which is still standing strong and I am using it in my daily cooking. Ok, now that's enough of bragging from my end. Let us stick to the topic.

Well most of us would like to have aesthetically good looking pottery for plants indoor, no one appreciates shabby looking pottery inside the house-trust me it isn't a pleasant sight. I personally prefer keeping the plant in a plastic pot within a good looking pot. The main reason for that is ceramic or clay pots are heavy to move around with the sand and the plants inside it, plants in a plastic pot are easy to handle. Ceramic and clay pots are easy to break if you're not careful while transplanting the plant. Sure, the experts say having the plant potted in a clay pot aides for better air circulation for roots which helps the plant grow better; of course, a small pot indeed is not a problem. Ceramic pots available in the market are not porous as the clay pots since the ceramic ones have a varnish coating on them, to protect the beautiful paintings on the pot, so it would not serve the purpose of creating more aeration for roots.

Some points to note before purchasing pottery for plants indoor.

  1. Always choose a bigger pot than the actual plant pot, this is if you intend to keep the plant in a plastic pot within the ceramic /clay pot.

  2. Check for the drainage holes. If possible check with the store to fix the issue or get a drill to make holes. Always keep in mind that, the plant that requires more drainage is not planted in less drainage pot.

  3. Check for a tray for the pot which can make your house less messy as you don't want to see a trail of water in the house after watering the plant.

  4. With a lot of fancy pots available in the market, it can be a little tempting to get something unique which can also serve as a showpiece as well but always remember the purpose, in order for the plant to survive it needs a good room for root growth. So I suggest a good roomy pot which can make your plants happy too.

Check out these awesome planters for your home;-

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